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The Realware Commerce team has helped global retailers achieve their international ecommerce goals for more than 20 years.

Total<Solutions> are architected as frameworks with a specific set of core functionality
Total CMS


is a content management system with a few twists. It displays your content to web users (mobile via responsive design) and can integrate with native mobile applications. (shop)

Total Commerce TM


is a multi-channel commerce platform. It provides for customer transaction processing and management. (buy)

Total Workflow TM


is an orchestration and workflow engine. It provides rich integration and workflow capabilities with fully centralized management and logging. (enroll)




Complete content management system
  • All content and templates are version controlled
  • Unique time window capabilities, allowing your marketing/product teams to schedule content in advance (fully supported in Total<Commerce>™ as well)
  • Future proof content delivery. Currently delivering responsive designs and able to adapt to any future content requirements

Cloud ready for scale – all content is managed in a central database
  • Adaptive local cache to provide the fastest client side response times

Easy to understand scripting language
RESTful API for easy distribution and management of content




Handles all major commerce processes (web, mobile and call center).

Able to integrate directly with enrollment platforms, or leverage Total<Workflow>™

Order management
  • Manage web, mobile and call center orders
  • Track entire order process
  • Allows CSRs to assist online customers that may call for assistance when shopping

Customer management
  • Manage the entire customer relationship lifecycle
  • Build customer groups (affinity groups) and customize pricing, product mix and site content

Product management
  • Physical and Digital product/service management
  • Ability to bundle products as new offerings
  • Subscription configuration and management
  • “Searchandising” – manage search as a sales opportunity. Allows you to push internal site search to showcase specific products

Transaction management
  • Fully PCI compliant credit card processing.
  • Able to handle any payment method (check, PayPal etc.)

Brands that Trust Us
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Total Solutions



Designed as an orchestration framework – currently used to handle a very broad range of jobs (integration, processing, deployment etc.)

Decentralized workflow and orchestration engine

All components are defined as packages and managed through the system.

TotalWorkflow handles all code distribution and management

Secure communications

Able to handle very complex integration/workflow requirements