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Strategy informs everything we do. Deep experience, adherence to best practices, and expertise across the ecommerce ecosystem enable us to deliver better ROI from your critical technology investments

The Realware team has helped unique business models achieve
their ecommerce goals for more than three decades.

What can we help you achieve?

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Identify Your Solution

Understand your needs and adopt a solution in line with your business goals.

 custom Development  custom Development

Improve Performance

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with a solution uniquely designed for you.

Improvement improvement

Unify the Customer Journey

Improve the speed, quality and connectedness of all of your customer touchpoints

Improvement improvement

Increase Flexibility

Deploy a platform that adapts to changing conditions and grows with your business

Improvement improvement

Maximize Opportunities

Enhance your profitability by identifying new channels for engaging your customers.

Improvement improvement

Build Customer Loyalty

Improve the speed, quality and connectedness of all of your customer touchpoints.


Business Solutions

Understanding "Why" is the first step in any new initiative. Realware team members drive a process to understand the underlying reasons. These reasons provide parameters and measurements for future success.

  • Business Assessment
    1. Our senior team members will work with your team to define the "Why(s)" forming the basis for any further evaluation within your organization
  • Platform Selection
    1. Which ecommerce platform is right for your business? Let's find out. We'll create relevant use cases, schedule vendor demos, and put each platform through its paces to see how they stack up.
  • E-initiative Planning
    1. Any initiative requires a clear focus on deliverables along with a clear plan detailing all technical and non-technical activites, resources and commitments. The Realware team works with your team and vendors to reduce execution risk
  • Data Modelling
    1. The Realware team can provdie additional support preparing current data and building additional analytics solutions.


Ecommerce Strategy

The Realware Team brings 30 years of eCommerce and online transactional experience to your project. The team has worked in all aspects of omni-channel distribution modes. From marketing to delivery, we have the experience to help you succeed.

  • Marketing
    1. Realware provides an open integration capability and works with many third parties to deliver client solutions. We work with many marketing agencies helping them deliver innovative growth programs for our clients
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    1. All of our platforms are pre-optimized for search engine indexing. Each platform provides additional advanced integrations with Google and other third party omni-channel providers.
  • Web analytics
    1. Who, what, when, where, how. We ask the big questions and look to the data for answers. We are storytellers looking for the clues to conceptualize your ecommerce landscape and identify incremental opportunities for growth. We’re numbers people that look to data-driven user personas to make strategic marketing decisions.
  • User Experience
    1. User experience drives all aspects of your brand experience. Every brand promise must come through. Our team is keenly aware of this and works with your global team to ensure an aligned experience.

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