Realware - Case Studies - Designing Business-Generating Platforms for Logistics

Realware Success: Designing Business-Generating Platforms for Logistics

Realware Success: Designing Business-Generating Platforms for Logistics

The Client

A national logistics firm operating across the United States, specializing in logistics management, warehousing fulfillment, and distribution management. The company asked Realware to help modernize its processes in order to keep its standing as a market leader.

The Problem

The client had long dominated the logistics industry but was struggling to adapt its business processes to rapid digitalization. With growing customer numbers, the manual, paper-based processes it had traditionally used were no longer efficient. The need to keep up with regulation changes in segments like pharmaceuticals, one of the company’s biggest segments, was another reason to implement a more streamlined solution. The problems stemming from slow, manual processes were further exacerbated by challenges in the market place, resulting in troubling customer churn.

The Approach

Realware started by conducting research on the company’s market segment and a full audit of its processes. Realware used these insights to identify three groups that the business processes solution would need to address: the customers, the company, and the sales reps. The team also identified mobile customers and intercommerce as two major directions for company growth.

Logistics companies have been slower to see the extensive digital transformation that has already long defined industries like retail and finance. At the same time, customers in the logistics supply chains serviced by the client increasingly demand digital solutions; primarily, mobile. The client needed to re-engage these customers via mobile services.

The difficulty facing the intercommerce segment stemmed from the lack of options for doing internal logistics. Instead, one division buys from another division or fulfillment of PoP or PoS. For the client, this was resulting in huge resources waste and inefficiency.

introduced complete supply chain management via mobile application

custom SaaS e-commerce platform to garner internal services business from existing clients

The Solution

Based on insights gained during research and consultation, Realware implemented two custom SaaS solutions developed for the client’s precise segment and needs.

First, Realware developed and implemented a complete supply chain management system for clients and carriers, available as a mobile application. The application lets customers track shipments, schedule appointments, and do OS&D reporting from their mobile devices.

Realware addressed the intercommerce vertical by building platforms using e-commerce capabilities upon which the client’s B2B customers could then build their own internal e-commerce sites. These sites enabled customers to internally service divisions and buy all materials for unfulfilled orders. By making these services available internally to customers all in one place, the client was able to gain the added business of existing clients who previously had only third-party options for purchasing services.

After implementing both of these solutions, Realware continues to provide and manage all security, systems, and software. Realware executes all support inquiries, software updates, and new feature development decided in strategic discussions with the client.

The Results

  • Automated document management via a custom-built digital platform
  • Launched mobile app through which customers can view and manage their orders
  • Expanded services with custom SaaS e-commerce platform generating new business from existing customers by providing services internally that were previously third-party
  • Increased customers by 400% and successfully reversed customer drop-off
  • Achieved significant gains in efficiency

Implementation Timeframe

3 months